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Butter Torts: A Truly Canadian Legal Podcast

Mar 22, 2024

Brenda Agnew, your host, welcomes Adrienne Patterson to today’s episode. Adrienne is a former client who will share her experience working with the Gluckstein family. Adrianne participated in the Compassion Fatigue Conference of 2023, where she presented her story. Adrienne courageously shares her journey from recovering from a head injury and losing her career, to becoming a victim of sexual assault perpetrated by one of her physicians. Adrienne found her strength and purpose in speaking up for all of those who could not.


Key Takeaways:

[4:26] Adrienne shares some about her journey.

[9:12] Adrienne talks about being pressured to return to work while still recovering from a head injury, which made her sicker.

[10:59] Adrienne struggled to cope with life and began having suicidal ideations.

[14:55] Brenda shares how she was impacted by not being allowed at her job to take time to take care of her mental health when she needed it the most.

[18:30] Adrienne talks about her incredible loss after the injury. 

[21:11] Adrienne continues sharing her journey after the head injury and the support of her medical team (which kept growing to assist her needs).

[26:25] Adrienne decided to contact the police to protect herself and others in similar situations.

[29:55] Adrianne was treated as a lier at her workplace, and that affected her tremendously on a psychological level 

[32:02] Adrienne talks about dealing with the trauma.

[33:29] Adrienne pressed charges.

[38:07] Adrienne discusses sexual assault and her experience as a victim.

[42:35] Adrienne reach out to Simona Jellinek.

[46:37] Adrienne points out how differently the rights of the victims and the perpetrators are treated.

[48:11] Adrienne decided to pursue the civil suit with Jellinek.

[54:36] Speaking at the Compassion Fatigue Conference.

[55:55] “I feel I matter as a human when I walk through Gluckstein’s doors.”

[1:00:18] Adrienne was very mistrustful when first meeting Gluckstein Lawyers.


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Learn more about the 16th Annual Complimentary Compassion Fatigue Conference.


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