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Butter Torts: A Truly Canadian Legal Podcast

Feb 16, 2024

Brenda Agnew, your host, welcomes Jan Marin to today’s conversation, where they discuss a new project that Gluckstein Lawyers is launching: The Post-Settelment Resource Guide, a guide for people at the end of their settlement. This guide is meant to assist everyone involved in putting a settlement together for an individual or a family that has been through a case. This tool is crucial for guardians to know how to manage settlement funds more effectively.


Key Takeaways:

[1:52] Brenda shares how she met Glucksteing  Lawyers and later became part of the team.

[3:52] Jan provides context about this guide, which aims to assist guardians in administering and managing settlement funds.

[7:27] Brenda explains what the passing of the account is about.

[9:40] Jan explains who a guardian is.

[11:16] Sometimes, being a parent and a guardian can be conflictive.

[15:48] Jan highlights the most significant difference between a guardian and a parent.

[17:50] Jan talks about the management plan.

[18:44] Brenda advises other parents about crucial aspects they should consider when working on their management plan.

[22:47] Mental health and recreational activities are two aspects all parents/guardians should prioritize in their management plans.

[26:05] Jan advises allowing flexibility in your management plan and explains how that would look.

[29:28] Brenda emphasizes the importance of having consideration over mental health care.

[32:02] Jan explains how passing an account works.

[34:17] Brenda shares her personal experience on how passing an account looks.

[41:12] Jan provides additional suggestions on passing the accounts.

[43:44] This is a business transaction; try to keep the emotional aspect out.

[45:44] You can be an excellent parent and still have to learn to be a good guardian.


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