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Butter Torts: A Truly Canadian Legal Podcast

Aug 4, 2023

Brenda Agnew, your host, welcomes Shannon Moroney to the podcast. Shannon is the author of  Through the Glass, her own journey following the violent crimes and incarcera­tion of her first husband., Out of The Shadow, and her newest book, Heal For Real: A Guided Journal to Forgiving Others―and Yourself by exploring what she calls the new f word: forgiveness.  

Shannon is also an internationally recognized advocate of restorative justice, a powerful keynote speaker, one of the “world’s 50 most resilient people” (Global Resilience Project), a New York Times “Women in the World” recommended writer (2016), and is featured by the international Forgiveness Project. She travels extensively to lead transformative forgiveness and healing retreats for people and communities overcoming trauma. 


Key Takeaways:

[6:18] Brenda discusses a trauma-informed seminar she recently took.

[8:21] Shannon explains why we don’t want to become a society in which we cannot speak.

[8:57] We live in a ‘trigger world’.

[9:26] There is a distinction between big T trauma and little t trauma.

[11:56] Recounting means reliving; Shannon explains how Trauma Therapy approaches patients who have lived traumatic experiences.

[12:30] Shannon gives an example of how trauma affects our psychology.

[17:52] Shannon assures there is no chance of living in a non-triggering society; she supports this with an example.

[21:20] Shannon shares the story of her first husband.

[23:32] Anyone trying to recover from trauma has to take responsibility for the healing process.

[27:07] People who seek help in a therapist's office are really brave.

[30:47] Shannon talks about her big T Trauma.

[39:14] Shannon acknowledges her ‘golden circle’ and dives deep into the Justice System Trauma.

[46:28] Shannon explains how the restorative justice approach works in Canada.

[48:36] The civil justice process is much more restorative than the criminal process.

[51:04] Sometimes, people don’t understand what they did was wrong.

[55:23] People who do monstrous things are not monsters; they are still people.

[1:00:12] Shannon expresses her passion for the work she does.

[1:02:30] Brenda explores the conversation with Shannon and highlights the main approached topics.

[1:04:54] Shannon shares her words of encouragement, empathy, and compassion. 


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