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Butter Torts: A Truly Canadian Legal Podcast

Dec 17, 2021

Brenda Agnew and Charles Gluckstein, your hosts, welcome two guests from Medchart, Anand Ablack, Vice President of Business Development of Legal, and Filip Sierpinski, Director of Sales. They share the services that Medchart provides in their aim of building the future of Health Care by facilitating access to health information from any facility located in Canada and, also now, in the US.


Key Takeaways:

[1:48] Anand shares how he got into legal technology.

[2:59] Filip talks about how he got to Medchart.

[4:29] Charles explains how he got to know Medchart.

[5:33] What is the vision and solution that Medchart provides?

[9:06] How did Filip engage with the institution side?

[11:07] Filip talks about the extent of their work at Medchart.

[13:47] Brenda asks about Medchart access to children’s treatment centers.

[14:57] The laws are in favor of Medchart, that is why all treatment centers agree to release their files when clients request them.

[15:44] Anand and Filip speak about the issue of clients’ authorization.

[18:28] Medchart work is dedicated also to integrating with legal platforms and software.

[21:54] How did Medchart break into the legal services area?

[25:00] What does the future look like for Medchart?

[29:58] Anand talks about pre-qualifications for mass torts.

[31:57] Clients are getting digitized by MyChart, how is Medchart adapting to this? Is it the same in Canada and in the US?

[34:59] Where is AI going?

[39:10] This or that fire questions with Anand and Filip.

[42:07] Filip and Anand share their favorite meals.


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