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Butter Torts: A Truly Canadian Legal Podcast

May 24, 2024

Brenda Agnew and Vanshika Dhawan, your hosts for today’s episode, welcome Mandi Gray to today’s conversation about sexual assault and defamation law. 

Mandi is a researcher, writer, and advocate who lives in Toronto with her dog CeCe. She was awarded a PhD. She is currently an assistant professor in an undergraduate Criminology Program for research and teaching focusing on gender and violence. Mandi also consults with a wide array of profit and nonprofit organizations on complex problems related to gender justice and injustice.


Key Takeaways:

[2:58] Mandi shares how she got interested in the topic of gender-based violence.

[5:30] Mandi explains how meeting Lynn influenced her journey as an advocate for sexual assault victims.

[7:47] Mandi did not know that formal reporting of sexual assault could lead to a defamation lawsuit.

[11:20] Mandi discusses the anti-feminist backlash to discourage people from addressing sexual and gender violence.

[12:33] Mandi acknowledges some of her own misconceptions.

[16:01] How can you compensate for the loss of reputation monetarily?

[18:50] Many victims are often worried about what could be the consequences of reporting.

[22:55] What do advocates say about defamation lawsuits for reporting sexual violence?

[29:30] The discriminatory stereotypes about people who experience sexual violence are the foundation for defamation lawsuits.

[32:50] How should a rape victim act?

[33:15] Diana addresses the ethics on the defense side.

[37:45] Mandi talks about her book Suing for Silence. 

[41:28] Mandi shares other projects she is currently working on.

[44:33] The most important is that people make informed decisions.


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