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Butter Torts: A Truly Canadian Legal Podcast

Feb 9, 2024

Brenda Agnew, your host,  welcomes Simona Jellinek to discuss the recurrent topic of sexual abuse in sports. This topic has become more prevalent lately as a result of the World Junior Hockey sex assault case, but unfortunately, this is not an isolated event; other disciplines, like gymnastics and taekwondo, among other sports.


Key Takeaways:

[3:40] Brenda addresses the vulnerability of young people playing sports. 

[4:20] Simona highlights two different aspects: the sexual assault suffered by players and the sexual abuse perpetrated by them. 

[6:07] Simona discusses the criminal aspect of the sexual assault that took place during the World Junior Hockey in London, Ontario.

[9:06] It is unusual to have both civil and criminal cases on the same incident.

[10:51] In this civil case, players abused someone outside the association. What is the organization's responsibility?

[15:55] Simona addresses other cases where settlements are reached.

[16:37] Simona talks about more cases of sexual assault in sports.

[19:48]  What is the link between elitism and sexual abuse in sports?

[22:07]  When a civil case is pursued, does this impact the organization?

[23:40] Sometimes, civil cases can be more effective in finding the truth than criminal cases.

[26:36] Simona talks about the value of money in civil cases.

[29:30] Are there fundamental system changes in organizations? 

[33:11] Simone explains the statute of limitations.

[35:01] Sexual violence doesn’t mean it is violent, but it is still wrong.

[35:55] Some people take decades to talk about sexual assault, even when they always knew it was wrong. People come forward whenever they are ready.

[37:25] What if the sexual assault happens outside of Ontario?

[40:58] Policies change often after lawsuits point to what people did wrong.

[43:22] There was a time that no one wanted to talk about sexual abuse. The fact that we are talking about it and bringing awareness about sexual assault is a significant step forward.

[47:14] As a victim, taking the first step to talk about sexual assault is a huge step; what follows is easier


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