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Butter Torts: A Truly Canadian Legal Podcast

Jan 19, 2024

Brenda Agnew and Charles Glusckstein host today’s episode, where they discuss the extraordinary events that took place and share the highlights for the Gluckstein family in 2023.


Key Takeaways:

[1:40] Charles shares what 2023 looked like for Gluckstein Lawyers.

[5:45] The development of the post-settlement resource guide was an outstanding achievement in 2023.

[7:40] Charles talks about the involvement in the 60s scoop survivors cases.

[9:25] Brenda shares the growth of Gluckstein Lawyers during 2023.

[13:17] Charles discusses the importance of Elaine Bright’s inclusion in Gluckstein's Team.

[15:18] Simona’s Team brought a lot of awareness to the Gluckstein family.

[20:03] In 2023 Gluckstein opened a new group for survivors of sexual abuse (Sexual Abuse Lawyers Alliance).

[22:00] What was different in the legal landscape in 2023?

[27:15] Brenda and Charles discuss the new hybrid working environment, does it really work? Should we go back to a full in-person approach?

[34:20] Screen fatigue is real!

[36:12] What is coming out for tech in 2024?

[46:43] Charles confesses it is a little scary to think about the reach of AI in ten years.


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