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Butter Torts: A Truly Canadian Legal Podcast

Dec 30, 2022

Brenda Agnew, your host, is joined by Diana Harris and Simona Jellinek who have been working with Supporting Survivors, where they have been focusing on advocating for victims of sexual abuse and assault among other issues. They usually receive the first inquiries through a phone call, where they hear devastating stories (experiences that are often voiced for the first time), they have the privilege of becoming these survivors’ companions, listening to their stories, assisting them legally and also helping them navigate the system for them to find as many supporting resources as possible.


Key Takeaways:

[2:40] Simona talks about what kind of clients she sees and what she does to support them.

[4:03] Most of the sexual assault survivors who come to Gluckstein Lawyers have never spoken to anyone about the events before.

[8:16] Supporting survivors of sexual assault requires a specific approach.

[10:50] Diana reassures: “Trauma is trauma”.

[12:14] Simona talks about how her background experience is transferable to her work supporting survivors of sexual abuse.

[13:15] What a Trauma Centre Approach actually looks like.

[16:30] Simona emphasizes the impact that each interaction can have on a person and how someone can be able to best serve that person.

[17:25] Trauma Informed Training is going to be another way of caring for the clients in a better way.

[18:36] Clients tend to call back Gluckstein’s Lawyers since they felt better after being listened to.

[21:38] Diana talks about how they help people navigate the system.

[22:55] Finding resources available for survivors can be challenging (especially for men survivors of sexual abuse).

[24:39] Why do male survivors of sexual abuse have less access to support?

[27:10] What is the financial piece of having to seek out support?

[31:15] Brenda talks about her experience with mental health services.

[33:38] How does someone from a marginalized community find support resources?

[36:10] Simona shares how the first communications with the clients are.

[39:06] Sometimes just knowing more gives the clients the sense of getting their power back.

[40:04] How can anyone encourage someone to pick up the phone to find out more about his/her case?

[43:40] You can’t fake genuine interest, Simone explains what it means to represent survivors.


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