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Butter Torts: A Truly Canadian Legal Podcast

Jul 29, 2022

Brenda Agnew and Jordan Assaraf, your hosts, welcome Simona Jellinek to today’s episode.

Simona Jellinek leads the Sexual Abuse and Assault team as counsel. Simona has more than 25 years of representing survivors of childhood abuse as well as adult assaults. She has litigated against religious institutions, Children’s Aid Societies, all levels of government, Big Brothers, Scouts, school boards, and many other institutions where people are placed in harm's way. Simona has litigated hundreds of cases and has helped her clients achieve some of the highest settlements for sexual abuse cases in Canada.

Simona is one of Canada’s most experienced and successful lawyers in the complex and unique area of sexual abuse and assault litigation. Her experience in the area allows her to provide effective legal advice with knowledge and compassion. She has dedicated her life to helping survivors of sexual trauma in their journey toward healing.


Key Takeaways:

[4:25] Where did Simona start practicing first? What was her first sexual abuse case?

[9:33] How did Simona play a role in changing the limitations on sexual abuse cases?

[12:10] Simona explains the relevance of lifting this limitation from sexual abuse cases.

[17:30] Simona shares the response of sexual abuse survivors to the change in the law.

[26:18] Simona talks about her work on sexual abuse happening in foster homes.

[29:35] Simona speaks about her work in cases with big and prestigious organizations accuses of institutional abuse.

[36:43] Change happens with difficult cases.

[39:28] Simona talks about joining Gluckstein Lawyers.

[47:57] This or that questions with Simona.


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