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Butter Torts: A Truly Canadian Legal Podcast

Jan 22, 2021

Brenda Agnew welcomes Dianne Henderson, Medical Consultant to Gluckstein Lawyers, and Robyn Moore who is the co-founder of Precious Angels Niagra, to today’s episode.

Precious Angels Niagra is a charitable service run entirely by a group of caring volunteers that transform donated wedding dresses into tiny "angel wraps" and "angel gowns" for early-term losses and babies born still. We then donate these gifts to bereaved families completely free of charge through Funeral Homes, Hospitals, and First Nation settlements throughout Ontario as well as Arbor Memorial Funeral Chapels across the country.


Key Takeaways:

[1:36] Robyn talks about Precious Angels Niagara

[2;23] How did Precious Angels Niagara start?

[5:24] Robyn shares a memorable story from October 2017.

[7:35] Who is involved in Precious Angels Niagara?

[12:28] Dianne shares how she got involved in Precious Angels Niagara.

[15:34] Brenda shares her own experience.

[19:37] Robyn shares the feedback she gets from families in regards to the impact these beautiful angel gowns made in one of the toughest moments in the life of a parent.

[25:01] The angels’ gowns provide nurses the ability to give something to parents who are going through the loss of their babies and this way feel they alleviate some of their emotional sufferings.

[26:05] How can people get in touch with Precious Angels Niagara?

[31:43] What are the ways that people can help Precious Angels Niagara?


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