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Butter Torts: A Truly Canadian Legal Podcast

Oct 2, 2020

Brenda Agnew welcomes Bernard Gluckstein to today’s episode, where he shares his exceptional professional journey which began in 1962 and extends until today. He’s spent days, months, and years loving his job and enjoying every part of it.

Bernard has always been a staunch advocate for the rights of injured persons. Well-known for his philanthropy, he provides executive and financial support to many non-profit organizations across Ontario. He frequently organizes events for persons with brain and spinal cord injuries.

Bernard has 57 years of experience in Personal Injury litigation and is a Lifetime Member of the Law Society of Ontario.

Within the firm, Bernard is personally involved in most of the serious cases as well as taking an advisory position on most other cases, by providing insight and ensuring each client receives maximum compensation structured according to the specific needs of the client.

He has lectured extensively on various medical, legal, insurance and rehabilitation groups throughout North America. He is also widely published, including co-editing LexisNexis’ Personal Injury Practice Manual.


Key Takeaways:

[2:02] Bernard talks about his professional career beginning in 1962 and how his practice has changed along with the years.

[11:30] Bernard started his own practice in 1982.

[13:58] Bernard shares one of his most memorable cases.

[17:30] Bernard shares a case that he will never forget, the biggest loss he went through.

[19:48] Bernard talks about how it is to work with Charles, his son.

[22:08] Bernard tells an interesting story about a case where Charles was involved indirectly.

[25:08] Bernard explains the reason for his passion with regards to people with disabilities in sports: the special bond with his nephew.

[29:12] Sport as part of rehabilitation for anyone with a disability.

[29:32] Bernard talks about how he met Jeff Tiessen.

[32:50] A way of giving back.

[34:25] Bernard talks about being at the Supreme Court.

[37:54] Bernard had many cases in the Court of Appeal.

[38:24] How is it like to be a lawyer that has been both at plaintiff and defense work?

[41:14] A practice based on council work.

[44:10] Bernard encourages lawyers to take more cases to trial.


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